//Medical Billing Process

Hospitals and healthcare facilities face a lot of hassles when it comes to settling payments with regards to insurance. Payments are considered settled when patients submit insurance details at the front desk of the hospital. But the hospital or healthcare facility does not receive the final payment till the insurance agency settles the claim. Our medical billing services allow hospitals to take the back-seat through the various steps involved in the process.

In order to simplify the medical billing process and minimize the daily hassles encountered by hospitals and other healthcare facilities, Flatworld Solutions follows a framework of clearly defined steps:

Concerns in  medical billing services

There have been incidents in the past that have led to valid concerns and fears regarding outsourcing medical billing services. The most common ones are:

  • Healthcare fraud
  • Non-adherence to federal, state and payer regulations
  • Inaccurate submission of claims
  • Lack of familiarity with U.S medical billing laws

At Flatworld Solutions, we provide adequate training and give our employees access to a reservoir of knowledge on the latest in the medical billing domain, thereby eliminating all possibilities of inaccuracy and errors caused by lack of familiarity with relevant laws. We have been in the business of providing medical billing services for almost a decade and possess the expertise and capability to provide cost-effective solutions for your medical billing requirements.

  • Medical billing  is the process of converting patient charts and clinical data to medical claims, which are then submitted to payers for reimbursement.
  • Medical billers and coders convert patient treatment and diagnosis information into numerical codes that payers use to make reimbursement decisions.
  • Medical billing software helps streamline processes for newcomers, longtime billers, and coders.